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"Gastroset" with Yandex.Eda during lockdown
"Gastroset" with Yandex.Eda during lockdown
Lockdown of 2020
More than 8 500 000
the audience of the project
To support the inhabitants of Moscow and the restaurants of the capital "Appetizing marketing" agency and Yandex.Eda delivery launched a special project "Gastro set at home". From the 9 of March to the 3rd of April of 2020 inhabitants of Moscow could order in all the participating restaurants a gastronomic set of several dishes for a special price of 1200r. The order could be made through Yandex app. For convenience of all the participating restaurants could be found with the help of a special filter "Gastroset".
"Gastroset" with Yandex.Eda during lockdown
Participants of the project:
[KU:] рамен изакая бар, КрабыКутабы, Воронеж, гастробар Blush, СибирьСибир Китайская грамота. Бар и Еда, Molon Lave, Турандот, Krombacher Beer Kitchen, Vаниль, Geraldine, гастрономический центр Eataly, Шинок, Дружба, Донна Маргарита, Ача-Чача, Тинатин.
Moscow gastronomic week festival in Dubai
Организатор фестиваля Moscow Gastronomic Week
Moscow gastronomic week festival in Dubai
Communication agency "Appetizing marketing" organized Moscow Gastronomic week festival, which took place in Dubai from 2nd to 9th of December 2021. This event was a part of the program organized by the Government of Moscow at EXPO-2020, and the first gastronomic project which helped to implement the ambitious task of introducing "Moscow cuisine" to UAE.

7 days 7 famous restaurants of Dubai (Osh, Z Room, Ketch up, DA by GrabChic, Chalet Berezka and LETO) we offering the guests a special festival menu. Also in Moscow Gastronomic week took part two famous Russian chefs: Maxim Tarusin ("Dr.Jhivago") and Evgeniy Vikentyev. Moscow restaurant "Dr.Jhivago" was noted by Michelin guide in 2021, and Vikentyev became the youngest capital's chef to receive a Michelin star. Both chefs became gastronomic directors of the festival.

Apart from the gastronomic festival there were concerts, theatrical performances, film shows, art-projects and other activities. Russian pavilion at EXPO 2020 was visited by more than 500 000 people from all over the world, and the total amount of guests of the World exhibition in Dubai was more than 2,35 mln people only in the first month.
>5 000
were sold
in Dubai participated in the event
total reach in social medias
Moscow gastronomic week festival in Dubai
Breakfast festival BreakFest
Блюда с фестиваля завтраков BreakFest
Breakfast festival BreakFest
Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Sochi, Rostov-on-Don
were sold
Third year in a row gastronomic portal "Salt" together with our agency "Appetizing marketing" organized breakfast festival BreakFest. From 1st to 31st January participating restaurants were offering a special morning menu with both checked with time hits and new dishes for special prices. This time BreakFest broke the records and became one of the biggest gastronomic festivals in the country.
4 cities took part in the festival: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Sochi and Rostov-on-Don, all together 143 restaurants with over 60 000 breakfasts being sold.
participants of the event
views of videos with hashtag #фестивальзавтраков made this hashtag one of the top hashtags of Russian segments of TikTok
reach of publications of infopartners
On the 7th of February in the restaurant "Syrovarnya" in Krasny Oktyabr, one of the permanent participants of the festival, was organized a festive breakfast, where the results of the festival were announced and the winners were awarded: the authors of the best breakfasts according to the ambassadors and partners of BreakFest and the leaders according to the amount of breakfasts organized
Breakfast festival BreakFest
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