Extremely demanded work with blogosphere sometimes becomes an experiment with unclear result.
However, we know how to set the goals and reach KPIs. Years of work experience with opinion leaders, bloggers and influencers help us to implement projects with comfort, on time and with a clear result.
What is the most confusing in working with bloggers?
— Unclear results
— High costs
— Not reaching the target audience
What we
Choice of relevant platforms and bloggers according to the specific goals of the client and with orientation to results (reach, increase of recognition, loyalty, increase of sales, etc)
Optimization of client's budget: we have our own database of trustworthy bloggers and platforms and know how to work with them
All the suggestions to the clients are formed based on the analytics of the audience, platform's content and bloggers with targeting based on city, gender and interest of subscribers
Promotion through micro-, nano- and macro influencers, and through narrowly targeted or specialized forums, channels or publics
of our work
Detailed debriefing of the client and identification of the target audience
Choice of pool of target activities and possible platforms
Negotiating of conditions, prices, amount of platforms, specialization and special offers, sales, news opportunities
Design of offers for platforms and format of communication on a turn-key basis. Negotiating with the client.
Calculating the budget and the start of work.
Summing up and presenting analytics and results of the project
service lines
Advertising through popular micro- and macro bloggers
Organization of blog-tours and insta-meets
Work with reputation
Advertising on forums, in blogs and channels
Our cases
Special travel-menu from influencers in restaurant Sybarite
Полина Максимова актриса и ведущая
Special travel-menu from influencers in restaurant Sybarite
presented in the menu during the project
were sold during the firsts months of integration
Communication agency "Appetizing marketing" created a special project with influencers, which was dedicated to cuisines of different countries that bloggers and actors had visited. During summer the restaurant Sybarite updated the menu twice every month, and together with the chef Mark Shah Ahbari famous guests cooked colourful dishes that they had tried while traveling.
Taha Safari
total number of posts
Polina Maksimova
Special travel-menu from influencers in restaurant Sybarite
Polina and Lubov
actress and presenter
owners of Instagram-channel Instafoodpassion
Special menu from blogger and TV host Natasha Davydova in Rossini restaurant
Special menu from blogger and TV host Natasha Davydova in Rossini restaurant
Despite stereotypes, healthy food can be not just tasty, but delicious. Restaurant Rossini proved that by providing a special menu Welps from a famous blogger and TV host Natasha Davydova.

Famous popularizer of healthy and active lifestyle, the main ideologist of Welps showed on her own example: good taste and benefit are inseparable. Thanks to Natasha Davydova and the project of "Appetizing marketing", Rossini had a Welps menu: delicious and original dishes, in which bright taste ideally combines with healthy balance of protein, fats and carbs. This and sense of humor, in which it was easy to see Natasha's ironic character, made the menu unforgettable. The project highlighted the philosophy of Rossini's brand.
were sold during the project
with mentions of the special menu
Special menu from blogger and TV host Natasha Davydova in Rossini restaurant
Balance. Love. Spring and new menu in Sixty
Balance. Love. Spring and new menu in Sixty
from this menu were sold to the guests
In March 2022 "Appetizing marketing" agency implemented a special collaboration of restaurant Sixty and a blogger, health-couch and trainer of happy lifestyle Julia Bordovskih. The restaurant launched author's menu from the influencer "with vitamin L" (=love!), which was based on principles of bio individuality. The main idea: vivid taste emotions and healthy lifestyle.

An instameet with degustation of the menu was organized as a part of the project, and Julia actively supported the project in her social networks.
visited instameet
on valuable platforms
Balance. Love. Spring and new menu in Sixty

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