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"Appetizing marketing" has a big expertise in brands' promotion both in format of traditional PR, and in format of different innovative solutions in new media. During 8 years of our work we have implemented more than 250 projects for different Russian and international brands.
Great expertise in gastronomic industry, related areas of hospitality with clients in different segments (including premium)
Deep knowledge and lots of years of work in PR, mass media, digital PR and new media, SMM and influence-marketing
Experience of work with international brands
Experience of event and program management in more than 12 countries
Big database of contacts for media platforms, contractors and professionals of the industry
Big team of professionals: from designers and creative team to analytics and web-programmers
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of work
Preparation of promotion plan of online and offline activities, development of news opportunities and calendar of events for the project
Management of photo shoots, preparation of press-materials, organization of interview
Positioning and presentation of the project in mass media (from mass media representatives to leaders of opinions)
Creation of a monthly report and a plan for the next period
Our cases
Promotion of "Beluga" restaurant
Евгений Викентьев на премии Мишлен 2022
Promotion of "Beluga" restaurant
Communication agency "Appetizing marketing" implemented a large-scale project of promotion of "Beluga" restaurant. After 6 months of its opening in 2017 the restaurant received a title "The best restaurant in Russia".

Aleksandr Rappoport showed the topic of Russian gastronomy from a different perspective and dedicated the main part of the menu specifically to caviar: Moscow had never seen such a rich range. Bright, but at the same time friendly and easy to understand cuisine of chef Evgeniy Vikentyev is a non-trivia combination of tastes, modern cooking techniques and surprising recipes, which are reinvented according to the realities of modern world. Every dish is a special idea and a story, which he tells the guest of "Beluga".
Since its opening "Beluga" restaurant has been noted with a series of awards:
Promotion of "Beluga" restaurant
  • a Michelin star and a place in the most popular and influential restaurant rating in the world;
  • became a part of La Liste – the list of the best restaurants in the world;
  • received "BARPROOF Awards 2021" as "Best Hotel Bar"
  • won "CQ Travel Awards 2021" in nomination "The Best Hotel restaurant"
  • Evgeniy Vikentyev was awarded with a Palm Branch in 2021 as the "Best Chef" and "Breakthrough of the year"
Dior and SeaCoffeOcean
by Erwin collaboration
Коллаборация Dior и МореКофеОкеан by Erwin
Dior and SeaCoffeOcean
by Erwin collaboration
reach through influencers and publics
Together with the perfume house Dior "Appetizing Marketing" agency implemented a big project for SeaCoffeOcean: exclusive drinks and dessert Vanilla Diorama.

Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar is one of rarest and most precious ingredients both in perfumery and confectionary art. Perfumer François Demachy chose it as the main note of his masterpiece Vanilla Diorama, and chef confectioner of SeaCoffeOcean by Erwin Evgenia Porhachova and chef bartender Irina Makaleva – as an ingredient for an exclusive menu, created under the impression of a charming aroma, in which the enveloping smell of vanilla is shaded by a motive of golden rum and bright, teasing note of orange.

Vanilla Diorama aroma is inspired by a masterpiece of culinary art – Diorama Gourmand dessert, which Christian Dior loved so much. Unfortunately, neither the receipt, nor the look of the dessert are known.
of audience
coverage by Telegram channels
Dior and SeaCoffeOcean
by Erwin collaboration
Montblanc and neobistro Geraldin collaboration
Коллаборация Montblanc и необистро Geraldine
Montblanc and neobistro Geraldin collaboration
supported the project
total number of project publications
In this project the legendary Swiss brand Montblanc chef Michele Evan of French neobistro presented a seasonal offer "Doversole a-la à la meunière". The printed menu was designed with famous writing instrument Montblanc Meisterstuck. Collaboration aimed at union of two masterpieces: French cuisine and the art of calligraphy and through this it helped to remember the importance of traditions in the era of digital technologies.
Montblanc and neobistro Geraldin collaboration
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